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10-08-20 Crappy to Happy Series- Ken Walls

Diane interviews a fellow author in the Crappy to Happy Series. Ken Walls shares his story about his battle with alcoholism. Ken tells his story of finding the power of his mindset to shift his life from chaos into abundance. His powerful story enlightens to find a support system, books, tools and resources in our lives to pave the way for us to evolve from our challenges. This episode is truly inspirational to shift the mind, stop the negative voice and shifting your life. Tons of amazing book recommendations to inspire you on your path to transformation and self-improvement. Ken shares his powerful shift from feeling paralyzed in life to creating his own reality. Diane and Ken both share their insights on the power of mindset, meditation, self-praise, and fitness to relieve stress. Are you sick of feeling paralyzed and frozen in your life? Are you sick of feeling like everything is happening to you? It is time to shift your perspective and shift your life.

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