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In publishing this collection of poetry, my intention is simple, I wish to share what I have learned throughout my life. Beyond that I hope the reader draws from this selection of poetry unique insight into their own life.

When I reflect on my life I am always drawn to my children. I am very proud of them. They have grown into wonderful, kind and compassionate people. They have always been a gift to me and the inspiration that continues to push me to be all I can be. If I have understood the meaning of love at all, it has been because of them.

To my mother, pictured on the cover, she always felt she had a book with in her. Like many women of that generation, dreams were not realized. Because I came from her, I dedicate these words that came from me to her. Connections form a powerful timeline.

Let the reader draw from the poetry what resonates at the moment.

Foreword By Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville
Author of Dreams Are Only The Beginning

“In, Cove Queen ~ Poet of Titicut, Between The Lines, we come to see the journey that Janine and so many of us have walked, one poem at a time. Janine’s desire to finally put into words and to share with other, her experiences, her visions, and her perceptions, call us to do the same even if only for ourselves. A cup of tea, a candle, a reflective, gifted, afternoon, and this book – what a blessed day to give to yourself.”
Thank you, Janine for sharing you and the journey we all walk together.
Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, LLC

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