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05-29-20 Coronavirus, Information Pollution, and a Simple Solution – Conversation with Professor Rick Roth

We are aware of the pollution of our air, water, and ocean, but there is an even more important one, Information Pollution. The latest symptom is the COVID-19 epidemic which has become a pandemic that could easily have been stopped in its tracks. Information has been weaponized to intentionally manipulate people’s unconscious minds to make them believe false information to benefit ‘them’ and not us. Twitter deleted one million fake people last month, and there are millions more dividing and conquering us.

In this fascinating conversation, Dr. Rick Roth, noted Psychologist and brilliant Artificial Intelligence guru will show us exactly how we are being duped and reveal a new internet extension (available now) that can filter out the bots, shills, and trolls that rule the internet now, to create honest, authenticated, information and data from real, known human beings.

Listen. This is important information, our future depends on it!

Find Dr. Miller here:

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