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Connecting the Earth Sky & YouThe greatest healer in the world for you is YOU. In fact, you are the only person in the world that has the right or ability to heal you. This is your personal life’s journey, The information that is contained in this book provides an in-depth path to manifesting perhaps one of the most profound understandings of the total self-healing process. The author, Rev. Rod Kelly uncovered ancient understandings of the true composition of disease & illness through his own life-threatening medical challenges that guided him to the fringes of the Canadian wilderness, where he became a student to highly revered James Bay Cree Elder. But it was through his own ancestral linage of Celtic and Druid teachings that empowered him to become his own healer. The techniques that are brought forward are based on blend of physics, Universal Spiritual Laws, and a deep connection with one’s own spiritual essence. A major key to the successes of the techniques involve begins with a profound understand of the Aura, its origin, composition and its connection with the total healing process. Humanity was created with the instinctive ability to manifest a high level of self-healing. Learn how to tap into those instincts & understandings by connecting your Higher-Self to the unseen forces of both the Earth & Sky. The greatest healers in the Universe for you, are God & You.

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