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01-10-24 Community Chautauqua with David Hoffmeister, Movie ‘Mully’

The movie Mully, starring Charles Mully, is a powerful example of pray, listen, and follow. It unites us with the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Creator, focusing on our heart’s desire to remember God. The movie takes place in Kenya’s slums, highlighting the importance of prayer in achieving spiritual growth and Charles prays, receives, and follows inner messages and grows.

Spiritual awakening often doesn’t emphasize prayer, listening, and guidance, but to fully wake up from a dream, one must grasp the power of prayer and the power of the mind. We must believe in guidance, whether it’s as an inner voice, intuitions, or feelings. If we follow guidance, it leads to joy, presence, laughter, and giggles. The gifts of prayer, listening, and following stem from a deep connection with God and the power of the mind. If one has faith in prayer and is willing to give themselves wholeheartedly, everything unfolds from prayer, listening, and following.

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