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02-20-15  Climate Change and Scientific Chutzpah, A Conversation with Alan Journet

Is climate change as important as some people say? What does rigorous science tell us, and where are all the scientists. Alan Journet, as a professor of Ecology and Conservation, has spent many decades studying the systems that make human life possible on this planet, and is one of the champions in the field.

Scientists are unique people. They differ from businessmen, artists, and politicians in that they are dedicated to the truth. They reach the truth through critical thinking (see Truthiness Fever Audiobook). Scientists know the truth, but few of them speak out.

In this very informative and honest conversation, Prof. Journet will focus on the consensus reached by the true experts in the field, how people let their political beliefs trump their professional expertise, and why our scientists need to act now.

By the time he had begun his studies on CO2 and global temperature on the 1970s, he had already developed a strong, “moral, ethical commitment to the idea that all species on the planet have a right to be here. It’s not our right to simply exterminate them at will, but we must or should maintain some kind of responsibility to the species around us, in addition to just ourselves.” His work has been to honor these beliefs.

Why do we humans so often act against our own self-interest? Prof. Journet explains in remarkably clear terms the conundrum known as The Tragedy of the Commons, and what we need to do to overcome this evolutionary shortcoming of our race. Only agreements that are enforced and kept can save us from this tragedy, for this we need a functioning government (what a concept).

We also reflect on my experiences in Bali and the changes that “progress” has brought to the island and, as usual, we will learn more about how this dedicated man chose to spend his life working for all of us. Join us – you will have fun and learn.

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