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Choosing Love A Pathway to Flourishing Author Scarlett LewisThe Choose Love Movement was created by Scarlett Lewis following the murder of her 6 year old son, Jesse McCord Lewis at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Jesse wrote a message on his family’s kitchen chalkboard shortly before the tragedy, “Norurting Helinn Love” which his mother understood as a simple solution to the suffering in our world today. ‘If the former student and perpetrator could have given, and received, ‘nurturing healing love’ the tragedy would never have happened.’ Thus, Scarlett founded the Choose Love Movement to spread Jesse’s message around the world and offer essential life skills to enable students and adults alike to be able to face whatever happens in life and choose love.

Choose Love approaches the current societal issues including violence, mental illness and substance abuse in a different. way. Rather than focusing on the problems as they escalate, the movement addresses the root cause and can reduce and prevent the suffering before it starts!

There is a powerful formula derived from Jesse’s message that all Choose Love programming is based upon:

Courage+Gratitude+Forgiveness+Compassion in Action=Choosing Love. Comprehensive, no cost programming is available for all ages on the website: for schools, homes and communities. By word of mouth and referral the programs are now being taught Inver 10,000 schools in every state and over 120 countries. Join the movement to Choose Love and be part of the solution to create a safer, more peaceful and loving world!

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