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Caring for Your Human: You Only Get One Body, author Kristin AureliaCaring for Your Human: You Only Get One Body is a book that explores tools and techniques to care for your human form. It is designed to take the reader through the journey of a woman who spent 4 years of uninterrupted dedication to restoring her health, mind, body and spirit after going through some very profound experiences that had taken her human experience to a state of crisis.

It was through this journey and during this time that she broke down her healing journey into three distinct categories, Mind, Body and Spirit. She approached her path according to each of these areas and explored traditional and non-traditional methodologies throughout her journey.

The tools and techniques she discovered were so profound along her experience that she decided to share them with others in hopes of providing practical and useful knowledge to be shared along the path of healing!

If you only take away one key piece of information from this book, let it be…Honor your human, because You only get one body!

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