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12-11-18  Can’t See the Wood for the Trees?: Landscaping Your Life to Get Back on Track  with Alison Smith

Landscaping Your Life is a process that Alison Smith developed in 2000 which she uses in the work she does to help others to unlock their potential and get back on track.

Landscaping Your Life

Landscaping Your Life (LYL) uses nature as our coach, and nature’s landscapes as metaphors for our lives.

LYL brings together three elements of Alison’s skill set – each from a different aspect of her personality:

  • (Mind) Practical and logical thinking
  • (Heart) Behavioural and language skills
  • (Soul) Metaphor and connection to nature

Which is a powerful mix that allows magic into our lives. Or should that be, brings a practical and tangible magic into our lives.

Alison Smith is a coach, facilitator, and trainer who has developed the “Landscaping Your Life” method to help people get unstuck and back into their flow. She works with teams as well as individuals in both business and personal contexts. Since her own personal transformation 18 years ago, Alison has increasingly found the more unconventional tools to be more effective and powerful at bypassing the blocks and resistance we have to moving forward in our lives. Alison lives in Fife, Scotland.

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Twitter: alisonrbcm
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YouTube: alisonsmitheuLandscaping Your life

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