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Bridge to Healing Israela“Bridge To Healing” is just that … a bridge to healing. Healing and curing are two distinct entities. When you heal your life, your body gets a live message and does all it can to help you to survive … Cancer is a unique experience for each individual. When you are willing to explore your experience and ask what you are to learn from your journey through Hell, the curse can become a blessing … Israela Meyerstein shares some of the universal themes one can find in many religions and philosophies which have proven to be effective. She shows us how to heal, find peace, and not wage a war against the cancer enemy and empower it. She shows us how to treat the experience and not just the result. She removes the guilt, shame and blame issues, and like Maimonides, understands that disease is not God’s punishment … What you need to do is seek help by looking for what you have lost: your health. I have seen self-induced healing occur when people had faith, left their troubles to God, and had their cancers disappear. I have learned from exceptional patients about survivor behavior. God loves His children and our healing potential is amazing. So read on and learn from the wisdom of the sages and ages that you are not a diagnosis or a statistic. You are a survivor..Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.

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