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08-24-23 Brenda Zofrea, from LET’S B SAFE

Scarlett Lewis’ guest is Brenda Zofrea, from LET’S B SAFE which is research-based, non-fearful, easy-to-teach program to provide parents, teachers and children with the knowledge they need to help prevent the sexual abuse, abduction and sex trafficking of children. For over 20 years, educator and child safety expert, Brenda Zofrea, has been creating customized programs for prevention education that works.

Let’s B Safe gives children the knowledge to stop or prevent this from happening and Brenda explains how the fear-based ‘stranger danger’ that we have been teaching our children decreases their ability to ascertain real fear from not.  Brenda wants children to recognize strange behavior in anyone, not just strangers. Scarlett and Brenda discuss how we can be more thoughtful as parents about where we put our trust and teach our children that as well. This important podcast will teach you how to empower your children with the knowledge they need to be safe and create family safety rules.

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