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04-07-21 Bombshell Movie Talk

Here is a movie workshop that took place last week we recommend you watch the movie as well as listening to David’s commentary. Here is an Amazon Prime link where you can watch the movie if you wish:

Here is the full David Hoffmeister Bombshell Workshop for you.

I think this is going to be such an experience today that I feel by the end of the talk, you’re not gonna think of yourself in the same way, but this is kind of like a rotor rooter we’re just gonna expose and vacuum a lot of ego beliefs that are so tightly protected and so, buried in the unconscious mind and so kept hidden that you may notice yourself reacting to some of the scenes and to some of the words and things that are used in this movie. The movie is going to be giving us a glimpse at some events that took place five years ago but, I think they’re very relevant for us, for our forgiveness and coming to peace of mind. So one of our themes today is people-pleasing. People-pleasing is actually a defense mechanism that was made up by the ego, to keep you from knowing who you are. And yet the ego made up the whole world and all the people. So that’s the identity or the self-concept, this false self-concept that God didn’t create would be accepted as a replacement for the true nature of the Christ of a pure spirit of pure love. So, this people-pleasing is an addiction. It is an obsession. It is the defense against the truth. There’s absolutely nothing helpful about it, it’s part of the death wish. And whenever you’re people-pleasing all it’s doing is it’s reinforcing your identity as a body, it’s a body identification, a defense mechanism that is so accepted that when you start to look at the extent of it with mom and dad and brothers and sisters and children with coworkers with bosses, with everything in this world of time and space. Even with pets like the bodies of the pets are a part of the self-concept, everything that’s perceived as part of the self-concept. Even the stars. The galaxies are part of the self-concept, the trees, the mountains, the oceans, the rivers. Everything perceived as part of a denial of the truth. It’s as Jesus says in the workbook that the world was made as an attack upon God, a place where God can enter not. So we’re going to look at the full extent of that Miss identity because the core of that is a body identification. And then on top of the body identification, there’s a gender identification, being identified with as a man or a woman, being identified with masculine traits or feminine traits and characteristics, then it just goes on from there, projecting the world, and the environment and everything is tied into the self-concept. So I happen to think this is one of the best movies you will ever see that will help you unwind from people-pleasing, I mean this is like a scale of one to 10 This is an 11. This is so good for getting at, people-pleasing. Enjoy

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