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Are You 1 Out of 3? Women who have experienced childhood sexual trauma and yearn for a fulfilling life and relationship, will find hope and a clear road map to healing in this fresh and deeply compassionate guide. Blossom is new. Blossom is different. For thousands and thousands of years, people have used the power of stories to heal. In Blossom, Carolin Hauser marries the power of her personal story of healing from abuse with 15 years of experience in the field of alternative healing and psychotherapy. The result: an uplifting and comprehensive, easy- to- follow 7 week healing journey that anyone suffering from the effects from sexual trauma in childhood can follow. Blossom will help you to: Connect deeply with yourself and find peace.

Purchase on Amazon: Blossom: Your Seven Step Journey to Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse and Creating Your Dream Life!

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