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08-11-21 “Billy Graham – An Extraordinary Journey” Movie Workshop with commentary by David Hoffmeister

In the Movie Workshop commentary for the movie “Billy Graham – An Extraordinary Journey,” David Hoffmeister emphasized that the workshops goal was to forgive Christianity and all Christians worldwide because the problem is not out there but in our mind. It’s the mind that is looking through a darkened glass. Jesus is telling us, if you believe anything exists in and of itself, You don’t understand it, because nothing exists in and of itself. Everything is part of a bigger hole. And when you try to break it apart and see it as if it means something, including the personality self, we are going to suffer. If we believe in independent people out there, we believe in the problem and not the solution, then you believe in separation and not the correction.Not one thought of this world has any reality in it because only eternity has reality. Time and space are the illusion. Today, we are gathered to transcend the distorted perception of time and space and come back to The Kingdom of Heaven within. To pure Spirit.

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