11-16-17  Belonging

Where do we seek to become part of something greater than ourselves?  In the aspect of our super consciousness, there is a desire and a drive to reunite with that part of us that belongs.  It belongs to a soul group, to a community, to the earth – that part of us that desires belonging remembers it is not singular, but very much a part of a whole.

None of us are solitary, not in this life or in the next.  The sense of belonging comes from a need to remember our path back toward oneness and unity with Source.  Tonight on Talk-N-Angels we will talk about belonging and what it means to be part of something, both as a member and as a force for individual expression within a larger context.

Our interconnectedness drives our innate desire to belong and when we feel we don’t belong anymore, we begin to see our isolation as escape – wanting to find a vibration that matches our own, we experience anxiety when we feel we are erroneously part of a group or belonging to something that no longer feels right.

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