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12-21-21 BELIEVE!

Do you believe in miracles? Host Kat Kanavos interviews 4 Mayhem to Miracles: Sacred Stories of Transformational Hope authors- Judy Lemon, Jill Landry, Muriam Ben Salem, and Jill Ammon Vanderwood as they Kick-Off the Mayhem to Miracles Book Launch. BELIEVE!

Yes! Miracles are Real! And the book Mayhem to Miracles: Sacred Stories of Transformational Hope proves it. Grab your box of tissues and join us as we cry and laugh our way through the real-life stories of everyday miracles. As a child Jill Vanderwood is spit upon, Myriam doesn’t respect herself and undergoes “gaslighting” in an abusive relationship, Faith a 12 year-old German Shepherd describes the death crisis of her human, and Judy Lemon catches her husband in an affair. Hope is the shining beacon that can change the course of illness, the future, love, and our lives. Miracles go hand-in-hand with hope. Experience modern-day miracles as these authors move through the mayhem of physical challenges, abusive relationships, addictions, lost and found love, and more.

Guest Bios:

Myriam ben Salem was born in Tunisia, North Africa. She was developmentally more advanced than the average child; walking, talking, singing, and dancing early. She spent 9 years working at in a high level consultant and management position in Information Technology, Human Resources and Research, only to realize, “My Perfectionism-Syndrome was damaging myself and those around me.” Today, Myriam is a mentor with a passion for empowering others

Story Title: The Un-birthday Gift Miracle

Synopsis: When Myriam decides to give up celebrating her birthday-FOREVER-It was by far the most adorable gift of HER 36 years on earth; an un-birthday gift you can’t buy; a gift engraved in your heart for a lifetime. A miracle!

Quote: Every time I was willing to give up, all I needed to do was remember I was doing it for the world. In those moments, my bravery grew.

Jill Landry loves both science and creative pursuits. Jill has studied holistic health modalities, culinary arts, aerial arts, and movement sciences. She enjoys sharing with others through teaching and writing.

Story Title: Having Faith

Synopsis: The story is written from the point of view of Faith, a twelve-year-old German Shepherd. For most of her life she lived with “her person” in a small home. Faith loved her very much and watched over her. They were very happy… until the day “her person” dies. Who will love and care for her and her dog-sister, Summer, now?

Quote: I saw with greater clarity a bigger purpose at play.        

Bio: Judy Lemon is a shamanic practitioner of the Rio Napo lineage in Peru. She is also a certified trauma therapist with a private practice in Southern California. She brings her extensive experience and knowledge into her work of helping others to develop their own spiritual gifts.

Story Title: When Spirit Calls

Synopsis: Judy Lemon finds her husband is having an affair. They had shared so much over the years—but now, staring at the email evidence on the screen, she faced a horrible realization: the only man she had ever trusted enough to marry was cheating on her. Her dream life in London that she had manifested slammed abruptly into a wall, taking Judy along with it. It was all over.

Quote: I thank Spirit for pulling me out of a life that was not the one I came here for.

Jill Ammon Vanderwood is an author and speaker from Idaho, with eleven published books. Her most recent book, Off Target is the winner of the Mom’s Choice Award.

Story Title: Finding the Words to Change My Life

Synopsis: Jill Ammon Vanderwood grew up very poor in a very large family that moved often. Jill was laughed at, spit at, tripped, and called hurtful names. It was hard for her to go to school, because she was bullied every day by the boys in her school room.

Quote: A miracle was beginning to happen in my life.

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