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SIMRAN’s current trilogy is a practical and in depth set of manuals that guide an individual into the depths of self realization, deep presence and awareness.

Book 1, LIVING: THE 7 BLESSINGS OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE PERTAINS TO THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL aspect of self that is walking the world. It guides individuals through the cycle of experience that is life, which continues to repeat over and over again as we master a set of unorthodox blessings such as ‘challenge, conflict, chaos, obstacles, darkness and death. What is shared here is vital to understanding where we remain deeply unconscious and dimensional lares that allow us to rise into a higher octave of experience. (Released February 2022, Hardcover RedFeather Publishing)

Book 2, BEING: THE 7 ILLUSIONS THAT DERAIL PERSONAL POWER, PURPOSE AND PEACE deeper into our various levels of being that are active all of the time, most of which we remain completely unaware of. These multiple dimensions of being are what create the issues of our world. In seeing, acknowledging, embracing and absorbing the shadow nature, animal self, monster  and inner demon… each individual can be the change in the world through embodying the 7 keys and unleveling our lower base self-absorbed expressions into elevated unified being-ness that is the epitome of servant leadership. (Released June 2022, Hardcover RedFeather Publishing)

To order one or both books, or get autographed copies, the links are below:

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Both are available now as pieces of a puzzle toward true peace, the grounded power of spirit in the body and the purpose of human existence. It’s time to heal the ills of our world… by each ’being’ present to what ‘living’ is directing us into ‘knowing’.

Let these be bedside oracles in which you open to a page of each dimension daily, in discovery of the unknown, the wonder full and  your creation capacity.

SIMRAN is Author of an award winning trilogy – (1) IPPY and IPA Gold Award-winning Conversations With The Universe, (2) Your Journey to Enlightenment and (3) IPPY Gold Award-winning Your Journey to Love in addition to #1 rated, archived syndicated host of Voice America’s 11:11 Talk Radio and Dreamvisions 7 Radio. Publisher of Nautilus Award-winning 11:11 Magazine. . SIMRAN creates art, books, and online courses to bridge humanity’s experience and expression. Along with being a Tedx speaker, SIMRAN has a release of the first of HER new self-realization trilogy; LIVING: THE 7 BLESSINGS OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE released December 14, 2021. This will be followed by additional releases in 2022 of the books BEING: THE 7 ILLUSIONS THAT DERAIL PERSONAL POWER, PURPOSE AND PEACE … and… KNOWING: THE 7 HUMAN EXPRESSIONS OF GRACE

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