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06-03-19  Be Happy in Everything You Do

Often we find ourselves doing things out of duty, obligation, fear, unworthiness. We feel that certain things are required of us. If I do good things I won’t get punished or I will be rewarded in some way. We are always looking at the world to praise us in some way. When we are doing our activities, jobs, and tasks there can be a sense of expectation that we put on ourselves or others around us. This way of thinking keeps us stuck in duality and reciprocity.

Everything that we do is simply to aid our awakening. To give our full heart too, to not want anything from what we are doing but to allow the natural happiness of our being shine through. Joseph Campbell coined the term follow your bliss, not by seeking in the world but seeking within. We want to really live from this truly happy place that awaits us and is with us in every single moment.

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