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01-02-23 Backyard Farming for Self-Sufficiency
Guest Michael Mandeville, Farmer, KNMFARMS

Backyard farming practices can help solve today’s challenges of food insecurity, food price inflation and pollution caused by factory farming and industrial food production. More people are considering raising their own egg-laying chickens, growing their own produce and/or learning how to preserve fruits or vegetables procured from local farmers. This episode’s story walk uncovers clues that draw attention to the harms caused by industrial farming and food production, before delving into a rich conversation with a self-sufficient farmer, who has been working to create abundance on his own property.

Michael MandevilleNature-lover, friend and farmer, Michael Mandeville, and his wife have established KNMFARMS – that’s Kristine and Michael Farms – in Seneca, South Carolina. In addition to holding down full-time corporate jobs, they manage chickens, turkeys and fish ponds and produce their own vegetables. They also grow bananas, peanuts, shitake mushrooms and grain for their animals. They use old-fashioned tried-and-true methods to preserve their harvest as pickles, fermented vegetables, soups, sauces and whole meals. With decades of experience in farming and preserving, Mike is eager to tell his stories and share his valuable tips.


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