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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Celebrates Hosts for the Day

Host a Show for the Day! A great way to get your feet wet as a Radio Show Host.  Imagine your voice, your message going global!  For full details Click Here

images mic redThe Spirit of Things! with Carole Mann

08-14-14  Author & Intuitive Carole Mann, Host for the Day with her Show  “The Spirit of Things!”

Carole Mann discusses The Spirit of Things-true short stories will be shared-how Spirit has led her to write about these true events– Signs–and how we are shown them in our every day lives-how to be more aware of them-They do have purpose for Good–Even nature Spirits do—Then doing some “bumps”-for the Guardian Relief Fund and Holistic Centers in our area that can help you explore and become involved to attain that level of Enlightenment–whether through Reiki, Meditation and so many other avenues of Guidance-she feels we all should “get our feet wet” so to speak-especially in this world of ours today-The more positive we are about our lives will help emit such an Energy of Goodness!

Carole Mann has been an Intuitive since early childhood. She is also a Level III Reiki Master and an accomplished Aura photographer and Chakra reader. Carole and her husband, Paul, continue to live a quiet life on their twenty-seven-acre horse farm in beautiful Westport, Massachusetts.

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