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01-25-22 What is your Aura and How Can it Help You to Heal with Rev. Rodney Kelly

Heal the Mind and Body Rev. Rodney Kelly board certified Hypnotist & Spiritual Elder

Rodney Kelly’s Journey

For more than two decades, Rod Kelly has been assisting clients that are dealing with both negative habits and beliefs, as well as many health issues.

Resolution is achieved once you understand that you are the only person that has the right or ability to change anything about yourself. This includes health issues.

His approach focuses on exploring simple solutions by viewing the issues from a different perspective and identifying the type of energy that the issue is comprised of.

When assisting clients with medical issues, his approach has a strong foundation in understanding the laws of physics and comprehending the energetic composition of the condition. Through physics, the resolution of the condition becomes a simple matter of changing the client’s mind.

He is accustomed to working with referrals from physicians involved in a wide range of practices, from G.P’s to thoracic surgeons as well as naturopathic physicians in the fields of dentistry and even Oncology.

A major breakthrough occurred when Rod mastered a simple technique to rejuvenate the aura in both size and intensity. Once accomplished, the aura becomes the reservoir of energy that supplies the entire Chakra system. This enables the Chakras to achieve their optimum levels of openness. When the system is at its highest levels, energy flows through the body without restrictions and permits the restoration of health.

Now offering his services in Connecticut, Kelly dedicates his life to assisting clients and patients through their medical journeys to establish a greater level of health, well-being and pride in the inherent powers they possess.

  • Author of four (4) novels including his latest works, The Earth, Sky & You, Self-Healing With Confidence.
  • Creator of the 3 Minutes to Healing the Aura& the Kelly System of Self-Healing
  • Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist, by the National Guild of Hypnotist
  • Master’s Certification in Hypnosis
  • Pain Management Certification
  • Age Regression Therapy
  • 2nd Level Reiki
  • Hot Stone Massage Practitioner
  • State of CT Registration # HYP0000221
  • Extensive training in Celtic, Native American & Shuar Spiritual Teaching
  • Recognized in Native American circles as a Celtic Elder & Ceremonial Pipe Carrier
  • Recognized by the Rosicrucian Order & invited to submit a scientific paper on his work with healing the aura

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