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05-18-22 The Attainment of Consistent Happiness with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu.

I was happy when I got to the part of A Course in Miracles where it says that the Holy Spirit needs happy learners to learn the final lessons of happiness. That told me that I need to get into the happiness if I want to see the world differently and allow the Holy Spirit to offer a replacement for the ego’s world of guilt and judgment.  He didn’t say the Holy Spirit needs conflicted learners, he didn’t say the Holy Spirit needs resistant learners, and he didn’t say that the Holy Spirit needs reluctant learners. He said the Holy Spirit needs happy learners. If you’re going to learn the final, happy lessons, wouldn’t you have to be happy to experience the fullness of your gifts? I’m always excited to talk about the happy dream because that’s our dream of non-judgment, and it always comes back to guidance. FOLLOW the guidance to get to the happiness. Yeah, that’s our plan today.

Enjoy David and Frances talking about the attainment of consistent happiness.

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