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12-03-21 Awakened Soul Story Astrologer Jessica Puleo

Join me on Awakened Soul Stories – as I explore the world of Astrology with, special guest, Astrologer and my friend, Jessica Puleo.  Jessica will share insights into how the stars and planets align with current events and your own personal journey from the time you were born.  Tune in!

About Jessica: “My journey into astrology began when I was 15. My dad’s friend Jay, cast a chart for me the old school way, using math and the ephemeris. My mind was totally blown, to say the least, and that set me on an insatiable quest to learn more!  I bought lots of books, started studying, and practiced giving readings to all my friends. Every chance I could get, even to this day, I’m always asking when is your birthday?  I’ve always been fascinated by what makes everyone tick and the deeper reasons behind why life is so vastly different from one person to the other.

Growing up with my mother in a very religious household was difficult!  I never felt like I fit in, and I never resonated with most of the teachings, (except being kind to others and forgiveness).  I was in search of what felt true to me and astrology set me free. I felt so connected to everything and everyone like never before!  In 2003 I moved to Arizona and began studying astrology seriously with an accredited astrologer. In the many years, I became reiki certified, linked up with another teacher who is a psychic medium, and began practicing with her. I also am a lifelong student of A Course In Miracles.  I moved back home to the East Coast in October 2011. It wasn’t until about 2013 that I actually started giving readings professionally.

Many people seek me out when they are in need of answers to life’s big questions, seeking relationship compatibility readings, or they’ve hit rock bottom and need me to lift them to higher ground.  People often say they feel seen, heard, validated, comforted, and inspired after receiving a reading from me.  I find it very helpful and comforting that astrology can help guide us through challenging situations; and knowing that we actually chose the exact karmic mathematical degree to be born down to the very second! All is in divine alignment for soul’s growth and evolution.”

Jessica Puleo – Astrologer

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