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Hi I’m Asara Lovejoy, the number one problem solver in the world who guarantees results.  I can make this promise because I have discovered something quite amazing about who we are as human beings – that within our brain and our mind we have the capacity to change any idea, limitation doubt or fear in a moment into something good and powerful.  That part of our mind where we can resolve our problems instantly, and learn to live differently, is the theta brain wave.  I discovered this simple yet revolutionary ability when I hit my own wall.  That wall many of us have experienced when we were shaking underneath the covers at night worried to death about that next pay check, keeping our home, making a good life for our children, handling a divorce or messy marital affair, losing a job, or any of the many trying times we have all gone through.  I discovered there is and always has been extraordinary states of awareness we can activate and operate in our daily life, naturally and easily.  In reality it is more natural to be peaceful and relaxed, rather than angry, fearful, and stressed.  It is more natural to live from our extraordinary states, but you have to reclaim that ability to do so.  For many years I investigated the different brain waves, beta, ordinary thinking – which I call our horizontal relationship with the outside world – and alpha, theta and delta which I call the vertical relationship with our hopes, dreams and desires – and eventually came to know what extraordinary beings we truly are.  What we can accomplish is so magnificent it astounds the limited beta mind.  The path to our greatness is so simple.  It is through conscious access to our extraordinary states, the theta brain wave, lived daily.  The wonderful success stories from those who have expanded their minds to new possibilities by lowering their brain to theta consciously and issuing The One Command astounds me every time I hear another almost seemingly, “magical event”.  Yet it quite quickly can and does become the rule rather than the exception.

Show 07-09-08

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