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08-13-21 Are Vaccines good for Us, or do they Cause More Problems than they Prevent?

A controversial subject, “Are vaccines good for us, or do they cause more problems than they prevent? And, what about the mRNA vaccines for Covid 19, (which many people so they are not really vaccines, but an experiment in genetic manipulation)?

This program asks the question, “Are we allowing ourselves to Think clearly about severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 or as we have come to refer to it, Covid 19.”

When the medical profession first encountered Covid 19, we didn’t know what to do when people arrive in the hospital in distress. We were afraid to use hydrocortisone, when, many months and many deaths later, hydrocortisone turned out to be extremely useful. We immediately intubated our patients and put them on respirators and looking back it looks as though that was actually a death sentence for many of them.

It seemed that we did not have any reliable treatments available so we did the best we could and prayed for the arrival of the vaccine. In record time a vaccine appeared, and Most people stood thankfully online to receive their injections.

But then it turned out that many people were unwilling to be vaccinated. The government continues to insist that the shots are completely harmless and that is those who are resisting are simply irrational. Arguments and fights broke out with are the vaccinated trying to force those who are resistant to take their shots so that we could hurry up and get to “herd immunity.”

I have been trained to trust those that make the medications and have admired Dr. Fauci for years. But through the months of our recent pandemic, I have begun to have some doubts — so for our conversation today I have invited my long-term colleague and friend, Jack Travis, who has been studying the vaccine question in detail and who has created and it enormously valuable website, that I guarantee will raise your eyebrows and bring you useful well-researched information

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