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06-17-20 An Open Mind is a Healthy Mind

This is such a glorious opportunity today to dive down the rabbit hole away from theology, away from philosophy beyond right and wrong and good and bad. We’re gonna dive down the rabbit hole today. Deeper than ethics deeper than morality deeper than rules and regulations. So we’re here to gather today to join in diving down into that experience of the light. And obviously this is not a physical light, it’s not a light of sunlight or iridescent light or nothing to do with radiant radiation light or any kind of light of this world fluorescence it’s just a light of Wisdom, it’s a light of pure eternity. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. So, what a topic we have open-mindedness it’s beautiful because when we start talking about light, I think it can be very practical because we are Encouraged in a Course in Miracles to open our minds, open our hearts towards spiritual vision and the light of Christ, where the vision of Christ and Jesus is teaching us that this is something that we have in us. It’s within us because we are the Christ, we have the light of Christ, we have the vision of Christ, and it’s something that we can give. And it’s something we need to learn how to give. In fact, that’s the only portion, the only part of a Course of Miracles if you could just realize that through your desire, you can give the vision of Christ to all your brothers and sisters. You can just see Christ in them just like Mother Teresa. She was saying, telling all of her nuns just practice seeing Jesus in everyone. In all the people you meet and the babies you pick up in the home as people you pick up from the streets in everyone you meet, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if they’re male or female or young or old or babies or, adolescents or adults. It doesn’t matter whether they seem to be Hindus or Muslims. She was just saying, lets, practice seeing Jesus in everyone that we encounter. And that was like her core teaching, that was the core thing she was wanting to convey.

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