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12-20-17 All is Well: The Art and Science of Personal Well-Being with Author Marilynn Preston

Choose to Be Happy. Link Mind and Body. Explore Endlessly.
Live a Big Juicy Life. Outsmart Your Smart Phone.
Breathe In, Bliss Out. Resist the Dark Forces.

These are just a few of the chapter titles in Marilynn’s provocative and timely new book, All is Well.

Marilynn Preston—journalist, healthy lifestyle expert, and Emmy Award-winning TV producer—is the author of “Energy Express,” America’s longest-running healthy lifestyle column. This is not a diet book. Instead, as an ACE-certified fitness trainer and certified Wellcoach, Marilynn’s fresh approach to fitness, health and well-being guide readers to live their best lives.

Here’s what some influencers have to say:

Jane Pauley, of CBS Sunday Morning, calls the book, “A savvy, funny, and invaluable guide. Her take on the art of living your best life—with the science to back it up—is original and delightful.”

David Houle, author of “The Shift Age,” says, “This is a wonderful book!…filled with wisdom, humor, science and compassion.”

Cheryl Lavin, a Chicago Sun-Times columnist, says, “I laughed, I cried, I cleaned out my fridge!”

Marilynn just hosted a book signing at the renowned Book Passage in San Francisco and was a special speaker at an event benefiting Girls in the Game. In the next few weeks, she’ll be hosting a conversation with Steve Shenbaum of Game On Nation in Sarasota, Fla. on Nov. 16, an interview with Hallie Peilet of the Suncoast News Network on Nov. 17… and a book event at the Selby Library in Florida on Nov. 20.

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