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When journalist Marilynn Preston started her fitness column in Chicago in 1976, most people thought yoga and yogurt were interchangeable terms and the mind-body connection was another name for the neck. Everything changes. We live in a healthy lifestyle world now, and in Marilynn’s new book, All is Well: The Art {and Science} of Personal Well-Being she offers readers a timely and provocative guide to living your best life-healthy and happy, juicy and engaged, alert to corporate predators and health hucksters of every stripe. Each chapter closes with a reader-friendly action step, Going Deeper, because at its core, All is Well is about lifestyle change-how it happens, and what you need to know to make positive changes in your life. The chapters are short and savvy, lively and opinionated: * Link Mind and Body. * Explore Endlessly. * Tweet Mindfully. * Make Your Getaway. * Raise an Active Kid. * Practice De-Aging. * Grow Your Gray Matter. * Be Your Own Uncle Sam. * “It’s up to you, dear reader,” Marilynn writes in the introduction. “I can inform, inspire, educate, amuse, cajole, and otherwise cheer you on, but when push comes to shove-two excellent ways to burn 100 calories-you’re in charge of your own personal well-being. “And that’s the good news, because the more you take charge and stay vigilant, the greater success you’ll experience.” From eating clean to going green, from losing weight to adding muscle, from living longer to dying more easily, Marilynn links body and mind to culture and politics. She has great empathy for readers who have tried and failed to realize their personal vision of well-being, but she knows you can always begin, again, and be successful. Sometimes you have to redefine success. And that’s good, too. In her long-running weekly syndicated column “Energy Express,” and now in her third book, All is Well, Marilynn offers readers a welcoming evidence-based path to more joy, greater health, and sustained happiness-three essentials of a healthy lifestyle. Three more, she writes, are crispy fries, good wine, and love, love, love.

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