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09-11-19  Alchemy of Awakening Part 1

This week David is in Santa Cruz for the ‘Alchemy of Awakening’ retreat preparing the participants for 4 days of silence.

In this retreat, the silence is used to uncover and reveal the truth of who we are. This may bring up what is stopping us from being peaceful and happy. Often in these very deep retreats, we give ourselves permission to let up our unconscious thoughts and beliefs so they can be released into the light. In our everyday life, the ego has us comparing, competing, hating ourselves and others to make us feel bad. It wants us to believe these thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are really us which cloud over our true loving nature. In quiet we get to see the false as false and move through some of these blocks as we reconnect with the Spirit who knows nothing of these silly games we play.

There really is nothing stopping us from knowing who we are right now other than what we believe. By withdrawing our attention from ego thinking our true thoughts can be seen to take the place of the old and see that the Kingdom of Heaven was always here and now.

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