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Mark Anthony03-08-22 THE AFTERLIFE FREQUENCY with Mark Anthony

THE AFTERLIFE FREQUENCY: The Scientific Proof of Spiritual Contact and How That Awareness Will Change Your Life by Mark Anthony

World-renowned psychic medium and Oxford educated attorney Mark Anthony bridges the divide between faith and science in this fascinating afterlife exploration taking you around the globe, from the cosmic to the subatomic, into the human soul itself. Combining physics, neuroscience and riveting true stories this book:

  • Reveals how our “electromagnetic soul” is pure eternal energy which never dies.
  • Takes spirit communication, near-death experiences, and deathbed visions out of the shadows of superstition and into the light of 21st Century science.
  • Teaches you Anthony’s RAFT Technique to Recognize contact with spirits, Accept it as real, Feel it without fear, and Trust in the experience.
  • Provides hope for victims of grief, homicide, suicide, PTSD and survivor’s guilt.
  • Illuminates how contact with spirits is a powerful instrument of healing and love.

To put it bluntly, this is an amazing book which deserves to be enjoyed by millions of readers.” —Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, author of The Afterlife Experiments and director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health, University of Arizona.

Fast paced, emotionally gripping, and well written, this book will appeal to anyone seeking a rational way to understand the mysteries of life, death, and beyond death.” — Dean Radin, PhD, (Chief Scientist of the Institute of Noetic Sciences) author of The Conscious Universe.

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