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Affirmations–Your Passport to Happiness 8th Edition, released 2011 is a powerhouse of techniques and inspiration for all those wishing to take control of their lives. Truly the most important ‘Passport’ you will ever need. It is filled with practical exercises, inspiring anecdotes/case histories, and easy-to-follow instructions on how to create your heart’s desires. This book is guaranteed to motivate individuals to turn their lives around and enjoy Loving, Lasting Relationships; Optimum Health; Perfect, Lasting Successful Career; Abundant Prosperity/Money; Peace of Mind and much more! Whether you are searching for a new career or position, having problems in your relationship, trying to overcome a fear or phobia, or coping with self-esteem issues, this book shows you how to obtain the positive and happy results you desire. Evers’ Personal Contract Affirmation Method shows readers how to fulfill their dreams through forgiveness, focus, determination and simple daily techniques. She shows readers how to forgive and release old resentments and work with their subconscious minds in order to guarantee success. If you feel you are falling short of your potential, or you have lost control over your life, Affirmations may be the ‘jump-start’ you need to put you powerfully back on track. Dr. Evers is a ‘best-selling’ Author; International Motivational Speaker; Seasoned Radio/Internet Talk Show Host from Coast to Coast and worldwide on the web. She is also an Ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity. She is a workshop, seminar facilitator, and Personal Affirmation Coach and writer. She is CEO of Affirmations International Publishing Company.

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