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05-31-21 Adapt & Thrive in the New Environment – Carolyn Dean MD ND 

I had a very interesting conversation with a practitioner the other day. She said my approach to health, including the Total Body ReSet formulas, was the first she had experienced that sought to help people adapt to the changing environment. I guess I kind of knew that but to hear her express it was very gratifying.

In 2010 when I began developing my first product, the RnA ReSet Drops, I was keenly aware of the implications of the electric effect on our bodies and minds. In my Completement Now series I talk about how the electromagnetic fields produced by electrical devices affects human physiology and what steps can be taken to protect our cells and our mitochondria from the Big Tech Effect. Over the years, as the I have continued to development my Completement Formulas, each addition has been specifically crafted to support our bodies this new environment.

Radiation from EMF’s is just one of the many challenges we face in 2021. Soil depletion, water and air quality, processed foods, and even a global pandemic have convinced us all that we must adapt and adopt in order to thrive in our bodies and minds.

Naysayers may challenge the relevance of supplementation protocols in these challenging times. In some ways, I have a tendency to agree. I’ve seen far too many people who are taking drugs and taking supplements because they are afraid to not take them. Doctors tell people their cholesterol will kill them if they don’t take statins (not true). And alternative medicine doctors often do the same with supplements – or the ad copy you read about supplements makes you feel “less than” if you don’t take every new product that comes along.

What should happen is that when you take something you feel better. That’s what happens with the Total Body ReSet formulas. You feel better and you want to keep feeling better. In my famous blog, When Magnesium Makes You Better, I list all the reasons that you can expect to feel better when you start adding this vital nutrient to your regime but it’s not just limited to ReMag – it’s really true of all our formulas as one of our radio show listeners, Joan A. from Ontario, CA shares in this comment:

I can attest that after a period, if you take the entire Completement Formula protocol, you are covered – in mind, body, and spirit. The problems of the world are still there of course, but your inner-self develops a Teflon-like endurance – no longer fretting over the “Me, Me” but truly from the inner depth of one’s being, the ability to RELAX AND ALLOW happens without effort. The Drama of life continues – that is why we are here – to be part of it. But instead of it consuming us, we can allow it to dance around us and become the observer at the same time as being able to play safely. 

Much appreciation to the The Dr. Dean Dream Team: the very best that your Universe has to offer. 


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