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Imagine a world of healthy, successful, joyful people where fear and negativity is eliminated and love reigns. Sheryl Glick’s stories and messages from Spirit show us that our challenges are not economic, political, or societal, just a spiritual disconnect from our true being or soul wisdom. Join Sheryl as she offers solutions to create a united community of spiritually connected people acting in balance with the circle of life. According to Sheryl Glick, a certified Reiki Master Teacher and spiritual medium, understanding a higher vision of life can conquer disease, negativity, and a false view of death and the dying process. This powerful book provides information and stories to show readers their life is guided by a Universal Force of Creative Energy that supports us, loves us, and helps us. Readers will see that whatever hardship or sadness we experience, we are never alone and good will rise out of the pain as we fulfill our original soul life plan. We allow and accept challenges that afford us opportunities to find self-love, happiness, prosperity, and joy. We can be positive, replacing self-serving thoughts to bring unity between the divided religious groups and political ideologies, knowing we all are loved by the same Universal Source, the Divine or God. We all get to walk our spiritual path to find our divinity once again and remain true to our intuitive instincts. A New Life Awaits hopes to inspire readers to know that with an open mind, you can proactively create your best afterlife by living consciously in this time and space, utilizing right thinking and action, and always moving towards gracious acts of kindness. We can and must accept responsibility, develop resilience, and create our best reality and, yes, miracles. But first we must conquer the fear of physical life and embrace the beauty of our souls.

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