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05-08-20 When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is: A conversation about life between grandfather & grandson Bernie Siegel, MD and Charlie Siegel

At a time when our world is at a tipping point, this legacy of love is a powerful testament to the essential humanity that passes from generation to generation. I bow to the deep kinship that nourished these poems – flowers of two souls watered from the same divine Source. -Joan Borysenko, NY Times Bestselling Author

When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky. – Anonymous

Go on a journey of wonder and grace with NY Times bestselling author Bernie Siegel, MD and his grandson, Charlie Siegel. Open your heart as grandfather and grandson weave a conversation of love across the generations, sharing what it means to see beyond the challenges of life to the beauty in life’s lessons.

Bernie and Charlie remind us that we are all knocked down sometimes by life’s difficulties, but it is the rising back up that counts. That when we dare to experience life to its’ fullest, the imperfections of life are an opportunity for us to grow.

Join grandfather and grandson as they bring you the wisdom of the ages to help men and women of all ages. Listen deeply to the profound insights contained within their poetic words. Be encouraged as their deep faith, inspired writings, and messages of hope share their belief that the imperfections of life are truly what is perfect about it.

Bernie Siegel, MD is a retired surgeon, a leading teacher of the mind-body connection, a NY Times bestselling author, and the author of nineteen books.
Charlie Siegel is a photographer, author of two books, a spiritual teacher and eternal student.

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