Weekly World Readings

with Kian Xie

Weekly World Readings with Kian Xie

Everything has changed.  Illusions are breaking down, and we can finally see the truth of who we are.  How do we find our clarity in this storm of transformation?  Our purpose is clear: we must rise and take our place in this new paradigm. We can’t ignore world events – let’s respond to them consciously and use our spiritual gifts to create real change.

Join Kian Xie and his team of world-class readers as they take on the issues of today, supporting your quest for clarity and truth in unpredictable times.  Weekly World Readings airs every Tuesday at 11am and 11pm Eastern Time on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

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Broadcasts Weekly Tuesday 11am & 11pmET


Tuesday 11am & 11pmET

Manifesting Desire

What do you really WANT to build in your life?  Sandy and Kian discuss how this upcoming new moon is calling us to get serious about what we most want: to acknowledge and realize our true desires.  We dig deep into what motivates us at the core, and what it means to have your needs and desires fulfilled.​


BIO: Kian Xie is an intuitive artist, numerologist and teacher. Kian helps spiritually talented people create systems and structure to make the most of their gifts and see their real impact in the world… always affirming the truth that these gifts are REAL, and anything is possible! He uses numerology and mathematically-inspired systems to aid in spiritual awakening, healing and manifesting, bringing clarity and order to what can be an overwhelming experience. He also enjoys helping others gain clarity and insight in one-on-one reading sessions.

Kian’s education includes a Master’s degree in Mathematical Studies, which has allowed him to connect the worlds of mathematics and spirituality in exciting, unexpected ways. He is currently teaching Mathematics at his alma mater, Rhode Island College alongside running his intuitive arts practice. In his free time, he enjoys playing violin, drums, and Dance Dance Revolution. Kian lives in Massachusetts with his wife and four cats. www.generationxie.net