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English Medium Tony Stockwell shares his upcoming Workshop July 16th-July 21st at Omega Institute on The Mind Health Coach with Leah Marie

Trance Mediumship, Exploration & Discovery with Tony Stockwell at Omega July 16, 2017 – July 21, 2017

Tony Stockwell joins Leah Marie on The Mind Health Coach Show to discuss his upcoming workshop at Omega, tune in June 25th at 8pmET when Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is at 1510am WMEX Boston Listen Live http://rdo.to/WMEX and on syndicated D7RN June 30th  and July 7th 10am & 10pmET Listen:http://rdo.to/DREAM7

Tony Stockwell is an English medium that has worked in the field of trance for 30 years. Tony returns to Omega this year to share his extraordinary wealth of knowledge about the fascinating world of altered states of consciousness, often called trance mediumship, and teach us how to develop it, use it, and control it.

Through theory and practice we discover the many and varied energies and levels of this amazing phenomena. We explore and expand our knowledge of trance mediumship in all of its forms, from light overshadowing to deep trance to inspirational guided speaking. We also study the blending of our own energies with spirit and how this can improve not only our trance mediumship development, but also other aspects of our spiritual work.

Each of us is given support throughout the week to ensure that our trance mediumship development is enhanced and stretched as we:

  • Learn about many aspects of trance and associated phenomena
  • Experience trance demonstrations
  • Connect with the power of spirit and journey through the many levels of awareness
  • Join properly structured trance and experimental groups
  • Find out how trance states can enhance the development of mental mediumship

Tony Stockwell is one of the most well-known and respected psychic mediums in England. He has worked extensively in the media, has had four television series—The Psychic Detective, Street Psychic, Psychic School, and Psychic Academy—and has appeared regularly on 6ixth Sense. He is also author of four books, including Spirited and Walking with Angels. www.tonystockwell.com

Register to attend at Omega, reserve your seat here: https://www.eomega.org/workshops/trance-mediumship-0#-workshop-description-block


Leah Marie is a Certified Holistic Life and Stress Management Coach, and teaches life enriching techniques such as various meditation styles, Emotional Freedom Technique and other mindfulness approaches to improving your life. She is also certified in Reiki, ThetaHealing, EFT (tapping) and Practical Yoga. She is also the founder and owner of  The Sweet Retreat, a meditation and enlightenment center in Westport, MA and is committed to helping those who are looking to improve their lives and well-being and is an holistic educator in the medical field training nurses, eldercare providers and social workers.

Leah Marie has extensive training in the care of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.  Leah is the international radio show host of the Mind Health Coach Program and her current position is the Corporate Director of Programs for Family Care Plus. Leah holds her individual sessions, workshops and spiritual events when she is not working in health care facilities throughout New England. She also has facilitated meditation classes at the University of Massachusetts Second Half Learning Center.” Learn more about Leah Marie Here 

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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network’s Host Book Corner, Monica Iglesias’  You Are a Powerful Creator, My Little One: Creating Happiness~Win a Signed Copy

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Donna Eden shares her Upcoming Workshop at Omega Institute with David Feinstein July 28-July 30th 2017 on Living on Purpose with Carolyn Romano

Energy Medicine ~ A Workshop with Hands on Instruction with Donna Eden & David Feinstein July 28-July 30th 2017 at Omega Institute

Donna Eden is on Living on Purpose with Carolyn Romano to discuss her upcoming workshop at Omega.. online as well. June 11th at 7pmET when Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is at 1510am WMEX Boston Listen Live http://rdo.to/WMEX and on syndicated D7RN May 13th and 20th 2am & 2pmET Listen:http://rdo.to/DREAM7

Donna Eden’s best-selling book Energy Medicine is described by Jean Houston as “perhaps the most brilliant, comprehensive, and effective system in the genre.”

Based on the understanding that the body is designed to heal itself and feel good, Eden’s method of energy work taps into the rich storehouse of natural wisdom within our bodies. In this workshop for both health-care practitioners and interested laypeople, you learn simple energy techniques by practicing on yourself and in pairs. These methods are designed to boost energy levels and strengthen the immune system, identify and remove energy blocks, reduce stress, alleviate pain, and enhance happiness and overall well-being.

Throughout the weekend, you gain a better understanding of the body’s natural self-healing capacity, learn to recognize aches and pains as signals of energy imbalance, and bring more vitality, joy, and spirit back into your life.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be better able to:

  • Describe the field of Energy Medicine
  • Describe Energy Testing
  • Demonstrate one Energy Medicine technique for grounding
  • Demonstrate one Energy Medicine technique for centering
  • Describe the meridian system
  • Demonstrate the Spleen Meridian Energy Test
  • Name 2 functions of the Spleen Meridian
  • Name 2 functions of the Triple Warmer
  • Demonstrate 3 techniques from the Quick Balancing
  • Demonstrate a technique for boosting energy
  • Demonstrate 1 technique for mediating pain
  • Discuss how to apply Energy Medicine to a Health Challenge
  • Describe how they will apply at least three techniques they’ve learned
  • Describe and demonstrate the use of energy medicine for a variety of health challenges

Donna Eden is among the world’s most sought after, most joyous, and most authoritative spokespersons for energy medicine. She has been able to clairvoyantly “see” the body’s energies since childhood, and her abilities as a healer are renowned. Her best-selling book, Energy Medicine, is used as a textbook in hundreds of healing classes. Available in 18 languages, Energy Medicine won gold medals in both the U.S. Book News and Nautilus competitions. learnenergymedicine.com

David Feinstein, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and a pioneer in developing innovative therapeutic approaches, leading to nine national awards for his books on consciousness and energy healing. Recipient of the U.S. Book News Best Psychology/Mental Health Book Award of 2007, he is author of nine books and more than 100 professional papers. With his wife, Donna Eden, he is coauthor of The Promise of Energy Psychology and the New York Times best seller The Energies of Loveenergypsyched.com

Register to attend at Omega, reserve your seat here:



Carolyn Romano, J.D., C.H., owns and operates BLISS Healing Arts in Maynard, Massachusetts. Trained as an attorney, Carolyn has spent much of the last 15 years as an educational consultant, grantwriter, and director of both national and state education projects. While pursuing her mainstream career, she also became a National Guild of Hypnotists’-certified hypnotherapist, shamanic and energy medicine practitioner, and chanumpa (sacred pipe) carrier trained in the Lakota tradition. In November 2004, Carolyn opened BLISS Healing Arts where she works with both individuals and groups in Maynard, Arlington, and throughout Massachusetts…learn more about Carolyn Here

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