Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Dr. Erving Polster

1-04-17   Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Dr. Erving Polster, author of Beyond Therapy, which examines the role of “life focus” in three of society’s most familiar activities; ordinary conversation, the arts and religion. Many people who may not seek remedial treatment for emotional or psychological problems may find their troubled lives illuminated and enriched by joining community groups and activities. Dr Erving Polster, the director of The Gestalt Training Center in San Diego inspires practitioners and change makers to take their talents and energy into our communities and establish a tradition that supports people in “life focus” groups” that inspire the creation of an enlightened and greater sense of belonging to societies evolving awareness.

Sherianna Boyle author of The Four Gifts of Anxiety

12-22-16   Sherianna Boyle author of The Four Gifts of Anxiety, The Conscious Parenting Guide to Childhood Anxiety and the book we will talk about today, in depth Choosing Love. Sherianna Boyle, a former school psychologist currently Psychology Professor, Energy Therapy Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Instructor will help us to see love in a whole new light and more expansive way helping us let go of fear, everyday stresses, and lead us in the direction of experiencing joy and abundance. We may see how by connecting to ourselves and aligning to the Universal Life force, we begin to take responsibility for our self- growth and follow ways to find our authentic selves.

Guest Tom Paladino a Scalar Energy Researcher

12-21-16   Tom Paladino who was brought to Sheryl’s attention by Rev. Dorothy Schaefer who praises his efforts to help her and her grandchildren to heal or get well from their challenging health issues. Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher and has 25 years plus experience helping people with pathogenic Infection. He shares how he was inspired by various scientists including Hieronymus, Moray, Priore and especially Nicola Tesla as to the existence of an energy that is not of the electromagnetic spectrum and he describes scalar energy and the technique he uses that will transmute pathogens quickly and painlessly.

Mary Heath author of Get Your Life Back

12-15-16   Mary Heath author of Get Your Life Back, a book which can help readers step out of the stress cycle and regain balance in their lives. Mary Heath, who has 30 years experience in the Private Sector and the British National Health System as a Stress Management Consultant and is a trained Yoga teacher who has embraced other therapies such EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique.. CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and NLP- Neuro Linguistic programming and energy field healing will show how building awareness through mindfulness can help us understand what causes stress, how to handle it and find solutions for managing anxiety and panic attacks.