Understanding the Body-Mind Connection

01-08-17   Understanding the Body-Mind Connection

Join Dr. Cynthia Bischoff who is an international life coach and body-mind practitioner.  Dr. Cynthia teaches the body-mind connection in healing in the U.S. and in Japan.  In this show, she will explore with you the power and principles of body-mind awareness and healing.  Topics will include the energetics of healing and what our symptoms can tell us about our spirit; how your body actually “speaks” your mind; how you can understand what your body is presenting in order to enhance your healing process.

Improving Your Relationships

12-04-16   Improving Your Relationships

Description:  Intimacy is critical to the growth of our souls, and we learn our life lessons through the numerous opportunities that our relationships provide us.  In fact, often we are attracted to and choose soul partners to gain a variety of lessons that contribute to our becoming our best selves.  In this inspirational show, Dr. Cynthia Bischoff will cover different types of relationship issues and lessons and provide tips for creating successful partnerships.  You will be shown how to become the witness to your relationships in order to bring about positive change.  Allow Cynthia to take you on a journey of the heart!

The Power of Your Intuition

10-02-16   The Power of Your Intuition

Each of us has had some kind of intuitive experience—a prophetic dream or psychic moment or simple awareness that seems to have come out of “nowhere.”  Maybe you’ve thought of someone you haven’t seen in a while and suddenly your phone rings and it’s that person!  Intuition is considered the path of the heart.  To receive intuitive information, you go into the world of your “intuitive self”—much like an inner dimension—and allow your reality to shift and move freely—connected to a state of flow.  How does intuition present itself and how can you awaken your intuitive abilities? These questions and many more will be explored in this exciting show!

The Power of Creating Effective Boundaries

09-04-16   The Power of Creating Effective Boundaries

Why are effective boundaries so critical for healthy and purposeful living?  Boundaries define limits and allow us to protect and take care of ourselves and our energy.  Yet, many people struggle with poor boundaries.  In this show, Cynthia will discuss reasons why many people have poor boundaries while explaining the life improvement and power that setting effective boundaries can bring.  We will look at the relationship of boundaries to issues of communication; childhood wounds, self-esteem, and need for control.  Setting limits and honoring clear boundaries can be one of the most important healing behaviors you can establish to improve your life!