Accessing the Power of Your Intuition

05-07-17   Accessing the Power of Your Intuition

This informative show will help you to understand the power of your intuition.  It is one thing to get an idea or hunch and another to understand it.  Dr. Cynthia will guide you through the basic ideas and principles of intuition, techniques for enhancing your intuition and quieting your mind to access intuition over fear, ways to awaken the power of synchronicity and to be in the flow, and how to understand dream incubation—letting a solution emerge, and much more!

Exploring Your Heart and Embracing Positive Action!

04-02-17  Title: Exploring Your Heart and Embracing Positive Action!

Description: Treat yourself to a radio show designed to guide you to recognize your life as your most precious gift.  Through practical Heartliving tips for positive action, you will be inspired to explore your heart and embrace positive action no matter your age or stage of life and to identify concrete possibilities for improved living!

Getting to the Heart of Your Health!

03-05-17  Getting to the Heart of Your Health!

This show will guide you through powerful principles for creating excellent health.  Topics will include helping you to understand the power of the mind in creating a healthy body; habits to create physical harmony; ways to implement greater balance; and techniques for generating wellness.  In addition to her own practice, Dr. Cynthia Bischoff is sponsored by a leading cardiologist in Virginia to teach at a hospital there to help patients understand how they can contribute to their own excellent health.  Allow her to help you!

Healing Your Inner Child

02-05-17   Healing Your Inner Child

According to spiritual psychology, the Inner child is the “carrier of your personal stories, the vehicle for your memories of both the actual child and an idealized child from the past.”  In this informative show, we will discuss how your inner child manifests in you and is closely related to your body and the way you treat it.  You will be guided in ways to heal your relationship to this child self who holds the experience of your cycles in life.  The child has not only suffered at times the difficult challenges, but is also the bearer of your renewal for rebirth!