The Power of Your Intuition

10-02-16   The Power of Your Intuition

Each of us has had some kind of intuitive experience—a prophetic dream or psychic moment or simple awareness that seems to have come out of “nowhere.”  Maybe you’ve thought of someone you haven’t seen in a while and suddenly your phone rings and it’s that person!  Intuition is considered the path of the heart.  To receive intuitive information, you go into the world of your “intuitive self”—much like an inner dimension—and allow your reality to shift and move freely—connected to a state of flow.  How does intuition present itself and how can you awaken your intuitive abilities? These questions and many more will be explored in this exciting show!

The Power of Creating Effective Boundaries

09-04-16   The Power of Creating Effective Boundaries

Why are effective boundaries so critical for healthy and purposeful living?  Boundaries define limits and allow us to protect and take care of ourselves and our energy.  Yet, many people struggle with poor boundaries.  In this show, Cynthia will discuss reasons why many people have poor boundaries while explaining the life improvement and power that setting effective boundaries can bring.  We will look at the relationship of boundaries to issues of communication; childhood wounds, self-esteem, and need for control.  Setting limits and honoring clear boundaries can be one of the most important healing behaviors you can establish to improve your life!

Reiki as a Powerful Healing Method

08-07-16   Topic:  Reiki as a Powerful Healing Method

Dr. Cynthia Bischoff is an energy medicine practitioner in the U.S. and also a Master Teacher in Japan.  She has taught all levels of Reiki including certifying Reiki Teachers both in Japan and in the U.S.  On this informative show, she will explain the Reiki method, its history, its benefits, the cleansing cycle it produces, and how a session is administered.  Cynthia will also discuss her exciting work in Japan.  In March of this year, she took her 18th trip to work in Japan.  Cynthia has taught and performed healing sessions in ten major Japanese cities.  Stay tuned for an exciting show!

Letting Go of Worrying!

07-03-16   Letting Go of Worrying!

Did you know that your views about life and your thoughts in general are directly related to the results that you create?  So, if you’re worrying, then you’re likely to create a life that is limited and bound by that fear.  Our focus in this show is to help you let go of worrying in general and to change not only your orientation to the world, but to challenge you to start really living.  By thinking and feeling positively about life you will open a field of possibility around you and within you—inviting greater joy and meaning into your life.  If you desire to create better circumstances and positive life change, then this show is for you!