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01-05-23 Using Human Design To Better Serve Your Clients with Robin Winn, MFT

 The best gift you can give your clients is to listen to them, understand them, and help them understand themselves.  Many people struggle to feel seen and heard.  We live in turbulent times.  People feel uncertain, confused, even angry and are searching for answers outside themselves. All the answers your client needs are inside them.  In this episode my guest, Robin Winn and I talk about how Human Design can help you better serve your clients.

Robin Winn, MFT, is a writer, speaker, transformational coach, founder and director of Human Design Certification Training for Professionals. She is also the Best Selling author of Understanding Your Clients through Human Design: The Breakthrough Technology; Understanding the Centers in Human Design: The Facilitator’s Guide to Transforming Pain into Possibility; and Understanding the Profiles in Human Design: The Facilitator’s Guide to Unleashing Potential.

A Marriage and Family Therapist turned Human Design Coach and Trainer, Robin trains coaches, therapists and healers to use Human Design to enhance their results with clients.

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