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09-06-22 ‘Trust Would Settle Every Problem Now’ with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu

Our fragmented perception is the problem, and happily, trust is the answer to all perceptual problems. Trust would settle every problem now; no matter what seems to be occurring in your life, trust will bring you into present peace. It’s not so much whether you have trust or not, but what you put your trust in. Are you trusting in your past learning, or are you trusting in the Holy Spirit’s guidance at this moment? It’s not a quantifiable thing. It’s just what am I invested in?

Enjoy David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu’s opening session for the Tabula Rasa weekend online retreat with the topic ‘Trust Would Settle Every Problem Now.’ Hear them share from their lives how they transferred trust to Jesus and the Holy Spirit and away from the ego, which is where happiness is.

You can watch the beginning of the session here on YouTube.

or listen to the entire talk on Spreaker:

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