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01-11-17   Practicing A Course in Miracles

Description: Forgiveness is the core practice of A Course in Miracles, which offers us a program of healing the mind. Similar to other programs of healing, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, the Course requires that we first acknowledge that we have a problem. Yet this problem isn’t a behavioral one in form, but a perceptual one in our mind. Our mind is dreaming that it has separated itself from God, forgotten its nature as pure Spirit, and is now hallucinating itself as being a person in a world of time and space. For this problem, there is a solution, and it requires only that we open to the Guide and true Healer within, which the Course refers to as the Holy Spirit. It is this Guide that leads us Home to the Memory of God through the practice of true forgiveness and non-judgment. As we become willing to expose our fears, and lift up everything that has been hidden in our mind, we are led to greater depths of inner peace. Ultimately, forgiveness offers us everything we want, and is the means for awakening to the awareness of pure oneness, the state otherwise known as enlightenment.
This very practical talk was given by David Hoffmeister to a group of students in Minnesota in 2012.

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