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Kids Blog -Kids Say The Wisest Things Continued



Zanyiah ~ Age 8- Rhode Island

We can pick up trash when you see them. Help someone if they drop a lot of stuff, when someone is lost you look all around to help where they live.  When someone says where is the store or where is the movies or where is my house I’m lost.

Taylor~ Age 11- Rhode Island

Create healthier I.V. solutions for hospital use

Valerie ~ Age 9- Rhode Island

Heal people

Karissa ~ Age 9- Rhode Island

Keep the oceans trash free

Joseph ~ Age 11- Rhode Island

Respect all living things

Rylee ~ Age 10- Rhode Island


Jaymani ~Age 10- Rhode Island

We can pick up litter from our beaches, jungles, cities and countries. We could pick up stuff in our house that we don’t need and throw it away so our world can be clean and beautiful. We can go to the cities and take their trash bags and pick up the litter.

Devin ~ Age 6- Rhode Island

We can clean the world and keep stuff clean.

Dylan ~ Age 9- Rhode Island

What I can do to help the world is that you can clean the water

Jayden ~ Age 8- Rhode Island

We can pick up trash and keep the planet clean

Selena ~Age 8- Rhode Island

We can recycle to help the world. We can use the three R’s too. We can Reuse, Recycle, Reduce

DJamila ~Age 7- Rhode Island

I love the world. Don’t litter find a trash bin. Don’t smoke.

Jazzary ~Age 8- Rhode Island

We can say nice things and we can pick up trash and throw away and help others if they are sick. And you can help people if they need help with their bags. And never say mean things to others. And never be mean to animals to thank you for helping the world.

Jaylen ~Age 11- Rhode Island

We can help the world by stopping war, violence & littering. We can also plant trees and plants.







Curtis~ Age-12-Utah

We need to treat animals like they are not just there. They have to be treated with respect just like we do. Being non violent ourselves will help the animals. I want to treat them like we live together and they matter too.

Niki~ Age-10- Illinois

To keep animals safe and healthy, something we could do is when we find an animal, leave it be and let the animal go. Don’t harm it. Also, it might look cool to put animals on the wall, but we shouldn’t kill the animals. They are living organisms like us. we need to educate other people on how animals can go extinct and are they are important for the environment to survive.

Adrienne~ Age-13- Massachusetts

We can keep all animals healthy by recycling. Recycling is a way to prevent waste like plastic and cans from finding their ways in to animal habitats and hurting them.

Gracelin~ Age-7- Massachusetts

By giving them food and helping them. Birds, Elephants, Fish, Pigs, Bats and Zebras

Cara Jane~ Age-4- Massachusetts

We can give them healthy food. We can not throw trash at them.

Dreyla~ Age-6- Massachusetts

If I sleep over someone’s house I kiss and hug my dogs Maddy & Moose. Elephants slurp up water.

Taylen~ Age-4- Massachusetts

Cows make milk. Give dogs water and food. Elephants get water with their trunks. Dolphins swim in water

Aurora~ Age-13- Utah

Stop hunting animals. Eating a plant based diet. Help preserve their homes

Cylus~ Age-6- Utah

Send them love and energy

Julia~ Age-10- Massachusetts

We can feed them healthy foods and give them comforting homes. Treat them the way they should be treated.

Sierra~ Age-8- Utah

Make sure they have food and water, love them.

Mame~ Age-11- Utah

Be nice and make sure everyone else is nice to them. Give them lots of hugs.





Curtis~ Age-11- Utah 

My wish upon a star is for no more war! And people to be treated the same. To stop slavery and abuse no matter what color people are.

Esther~ Age-14- Utah 

My wish upon a star is for no more war! And people to be treated the same. To stop slavery and abuse no matter what color people are.

Max~ Age-3- Utah 

I wish for my cousin Coran to come upstairs and play with me now….

Braige~ Age-9- Utah 

To have peace… Like no more War..

Ambria~ Age-13- Utah 

To end world hunger

Simeon~ Age-9- Utah

When I wish upon a star I wish to make it out of our galaxy! And I wish for sushi

Elise~ Age-6- Utah 

To be a Teacher

Corban~ Age-9- Utah 

Utah Peace & Love in our world

Dallen~ Age-7- Utah 

My Whole family to be safe

Savannah~ Age-10- Utah

To see Nick again – My cousin who is a movie star. He kissed my hand once & sent me an autographed picture . Nick was on Lemonade Mouth





Elise~ Age-6- Utah 

Only Vegetables & fruits … ( Elise just drew a picture of fruits and vegetables and put them on her Aunt’s door for her to be healthy it said, “VEGETABLES & FRUITS ONLY” ….

Esther~ Age-14- Utah 

Super Foods Veggies and fruits Healthy Fats Sugars from plants Anything natural that comes from the earth. I wish that people would stop being so greedy. That would pretty much solve all my problems.

Max~ Age-3- Utah 

Bananas, Apple & Cucumbers

Braige~ Age-9- Utah 

Apples, grapes, strawberries oranges and bananas.

Corban~ Age-9- Utah 

Water, food’s that we bless, Vegetables & my favorite peaches

Dallen~ Age-7- Utah 

Pomegranates, Peaches and fruits, tomato’s grown in my Grandma Susan’s Garden.

Curtis~ Age-11- Utah 

 Fruits and vegetables, you need natural sugars and healthy fats. You need calcium from plants not rocks.

Simeon~ Age-9- Utah

Oranges Bananas Apples Pineapple Lettuce Tatoes Avocado Tomatoes

Adrienne~ Age-13- Massachusetts

Fruits and vegetables are yummy foods that can keep our bodies healthy

Savannah~ Age-10- Utah 

Eat plenty of vegetables & fruits or things eat in moderation …

Julia~ Age-10- Massachusetts

Fruits and veggies can keep our bodies healthy such as corn, tomatoes, apples, cucumbers, carrots and oranges.

Gracelin~ Age-7- Massachusetts

Fruits and vegetables can help us feel better. Corn, carrots, oranges, pears, apples and watermelon

Cara Jane~ Age-4- Massachusetts

Apples, carrots, watermelon, corn

Dreyla~ Age-6- Massachusetts

Carrots, beets and cherries are good for you. Milk and water helps our bodies

Taylen~ Age-4- Massachusetts

Strawberries, grapes, blueberries, rice, peanuts, cherries and pineapples. Milk, water and juice.



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