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Goddess Unleashed with Diane Vich05-21-20 Courage and Compassion Series: Dreams & Breast Cancer

Diane interview’s Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos on this courage and compassion series podcast as she shares her books and her powerful journey as a Breast Cancer survivor.  Diane was intrigued to bring Kat onto the show and learn more about the power of dreams.  Kat is a three time breast cancer survivor that was diagnosed using her dreams.  Her exams and physicians missed her cancer diagnosis several times.  She found on her journey that many people experience the same phenomenon using dreams to seek deeper medical evaluation for cancer, diseases and other illnesses.  She was diagnosed when she was already in Stage II breast cancer. Kat says dreams are sacred pathways to our spirit guides and guardian angels.  And these spirits support us more during crisis and difficult times so that we realize we are never alone.  Diane comes from the scientific world and excited to continue to expand her awareness using dreams and messages in life.  Kat says our spirit guides reassure us in our dreams and guide us to find the right treatments.

Kathleen KanovosDiane remembers a dream that emerged while she was writing the Truth about IBS and Anxiety.  Kat explains the power of that dream depicting Lucas her son was traveling a path of spirituality.  And that dream inspired Diane to write a children’s book to support her son with anxiety.  Kat discussed how she wrote this book for herself to guide her in a spiritual journey to work with dreams to survive her cancer. She described in Surviving Cancerland that if you build your spirit using your dreams and other methods your body will adjust to the chemotherapy without side effects.  The doctors didn’t understand why she didn’t have symptoms.  She realized that by focusing on your inner spirit and allowing the spirit guides to guide you vibrate at a higher frequency.  Diane realized that this phenomenon happened with her as well when she started to incorporate hypnosis, mindfulness and meditations in her routine.  Kat shared the Never Alone event she will be hosting with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and many other inspiring individuals.  Kat was at the brink of death and thought of suicide deeply until her dreams revealed new alternatives.  Kat talks about the Series of Chaos to Clarity which features Diane’s powerful story in the next book called Crappy to Happy. It is truly an inspiring episode during this stressful time when everyone is feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.  This episode will definitely bring light, joy and fun into your day.

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