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DrMiller_Don Cramer02-19-16  Dementia and Journaling~ A conversation with Don Cramer

Don and Whitney had experienced many years of a deep, warm, and joyful Love. Then, in her fifties, Whitney began to show the signs of Dementia. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which worsened over the next 10 years. Don’s life readily shifted from that of a loving husband to that of a loving caregiver, as their plans for financial comfort and retirement flew out the window.

Instead of trying to afford the unaffordable fee of more than $10,000 a month for the 24-hour care Whitney needed, Don made the decision to have her live at a lovely Mexican institution, where the staff was as warm as the year-round bougainvillea, and the cost was less than one-third. Partway through, this saga Don decided to keep a journal – a loving, kind, honest, and revealing journal that is a must for those caring for a chronically ill relative – a blend of joy and happiness that also includes a very useful guide for caregivers.

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