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Goddess Unleashed with Diane Vich03-12-20 Challenges, Triggers and Perception

Diane explores challenges, triggers and perception on this episode. She sheds light on the way we perceive the conversations and obstacles in our path and its impact on the course we take.  The road to evolution and transformation is a tricky path.  If there is a goal or dream you want to achieve there will be bumps in the road to test your resilience and perseverance.  The universe send you signs to make sure you are on the right track.  And sometimes this can completely throw you off course.  It is important to process those emotions in the moment to truly transform.  She sheds light on a situation that threw her off course on her own journey as an empath.  She notices shifts in her emotions during conversations and experiences in life.  And this friend brought to light some emotional shifts and disconnection.  She shared two situations that caused her to feel these shifts.  And the learning and evolutionary process that emerged from the experiences and combing other strategies to persevere through the difficult times.  As time progresses the obstacles get easier to overcome.  The secret is to truly use your awareness and taking action to release and relax during those shifts.  She shares a Children’s book, she wrote last summer but has not published yet.  She shares the story, “Brilliant Butterfly.”  A special butterfly that always helped others by sending them blessings.  Suddenly, one day she felt sad, tired, grumpy and exhausted.  And her Daddy led her into a beautiful meditation to protect her positive energy. So ask yourself, What did I learn from this experience? Am I happy with the result? How can I make it better in the future?  And use the experience to help you grow and evolve.

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