Indira Dyal-Dominguez: YOU As A Spiritual Being

12-04-17  Indira Dyal-Dominguez: YOU As A Spiritual Being

Distinguish between the Mind’s energy and the Self’s energy, allow- ing you to access your Self on demand. You: a Spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey is about knowing yourself, not just as a mind and a body, but as an eternal spirit or Self, a vibration that lasts forever. Most importantly, this book is about being able to communicate with that eternal Self in a way that allows for you to complete the journey you are here in this lifetime to fulfill. It will give you the ability to find the answers that are unique to you to live a better and more fulfilling life . . . to live your best life

Indira Dyal-Dominguez has delivered programs to develop others to be their true selves for over 20 years. Through years of meditation, rebirthing, self- healing, and experiencing herself and others as a force of energy, Indira has brought forth the ability to Connect to her inner Self and teach others to do the same. Through her workshops, individual and group programs, and the cor- porate seminars she developed with her husband Paul—Indira has personally coached, and trained thousands of people, giving them access to pursue and fulfill their purpose and their dreams.

Doug Noll: De-escalate

11-27-17  Doug Noll: De-escalate

Discover how to successfully and efficiently calm an angry person or diffuse a volatile situation in ninety seconds or less with this proven and accessible peacekeeping method by self-described “lawyer turned peacemaker” Douglas E. Noll. We live in an increasingly divided world and most of us have encountered our fair share of aggressive people and difficult confrontations. Fortunately, we now have the tools to become peacemakers and transform emotionally volatile situations and hurt feelings to calm, non-aggressive ones. Tested on prison inmates, De-Escalate offers a new set of social listening and communication skills, based on the latest findings in neuroscience and meditation. Along with practical exercises and scenario-based examples, each chapter focuses on specific themes, such as dealing with emotionally charged teenagers and frustrated coworkers. Additionally, Noll shares practical tips on how to be civil in an uncivil society.

Douglas E. Noll, JD, MA left a successful career as a lawyer to become a peacemaker. He is an award-winning author, teacher, trainer, highly experienced mediator, and co-founder of the Prison of Peace project. This has been the most profound peace training Douglas has conducted thus far in his career. Inmates who have gone through his program have learned and applied deep, empathic listening skills, leadership skills, and problem-solving skills to reduce violence in their prison communities. To learn more about Douglas visit him at

Dr Christopher Sowton: Dreamworking

11-20-17  Dr Christopher Sowton: Dreamworking

Drawing on Christopher’s 20 years of clinical experience and study in dreamwork: – Why we should pay attention to our dreams – The language of dreams – Spotting the metaphor or figure of speech in a dream – The problem of fixed meanings and superstitions – How to get oriented within a dreamscape – How to differentiate negative figures in dreams – Birth and baby dreams and what they tell us – How to approach sexual dreams – How to help connect the dream to the dreamer’s life fourteen universal dream motifs and how to work with them.

A naturopath, homeopath, and dreamworker with a practice in downtown Toronto. I have a particular interest in helping my patients understand the patterns that hold them back from better health and a greater sense of fulfillment. These patterns are reflected in chronic symptoms, in repetitively stuck life situations, and (perhaps most dramatically) in the dream life. Dr. Christopher Sowton is a founding member of the Toronto Region of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), which runs regular events for all those interested in dreamwork, and speak regularly at their international conference.

Eileen Workman: Raindrops of Love

11-13-17  Eileen Workman: Raindrops of Love

A timely spiritual guide to surviving and thriving in today’s pervasive, gloomy atmosphere of alienation and fear, Raindrops of Love For a Thirsty World, lays out a path to life long self-actualization, and reconnection through a shared consciousness. The author, Eileen Workman, has summoned the profound wisdom of The Life Force in a series of loving messages. These communications come at an opportune time, as we drift in a sea of anxiety and worry, deeply shaken by recent political, economic and social crises, and starved for connection due to divisiveness.

Eileen Workman graduated from Whittier College with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and minors in economics, history, and biology. She began working for Xerox Corporation, then spent 16 years in financial services for Smith Barney. After experiencing a spiritual awakening in 2007, Ms. Workman dedicated herself to writing “Sacred Economics: The Currency of Life” as a means for inviting us to question our longstanding assumptions about the nature, benefits, and genuine costs of capitalism. Her book focuses on how human society might move successfully through the more destructive aspects of late-stage corporatism.