You Are a Powerful Creator, My Little One: Creating Happiness, Author Monica Iglesias

Francesco is a typical child, until one day he learns that he has an amazing power . . . the power to create happiness. Find out where happiness starts and how Francesco chooses to create it in his own life in this story based on actual events.

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You Are A Powerful Creator My Little One: Creating Light, Author Monica Iglesias

CREATING LIGHT is a story based on Actual Events. Beyza, an 8 year old girl, is afraid of the dark and can’t sleep thinking of all the scary things lurking in the shadows. Her loving mother guides her through her fear by empowering her to turn on the Light within her heart. Learn how Beyza is able to find the power within her to overcome her fear of darkness. This book includes a simple guided meditation you can use to assist your child to overcome their fears as well. Also as a fun activity, your child will enjoy finding the butterflies hidden on nearly every page. Author’s notes: “The only way I was able to guide Beyza through her process of being afraid of the dark was because I knew what it was like. In fact, I had been afraid of a lot of things in my life. But I have been able to breakthrough my own fears and limitations by learning how to be the Light. Therefore I was able to reflect on my own experience and share this wisdom with her. This wasn’t something that I just made up in the moment to tell her a story and trick her mind. It was based on my own personal experiences.” – Monica Iglesias

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Creating Peace (You Are A Powerful Creator My Little One), Author Monica Iglesias

CREATING PEACE is an empowering story based on actual events. A loving mother guides her 7 year old boy, André, to discover what peace feels like in his heart so that he can assist with creating Peace in the home with his family. Through a series of quality questions, the mother guides André to discover his own answers. André is then able to help create peace in the home with his siblings, which allows his mother to rest and rejuvenate.

Throughout the book, the quality questions used to guide André through his process are highlighted for your convenience and reference. Also, included in the back of the book is a list of 10 Ways to Empower the Children in Your Stewardship.

The author uses the colorful setting of this children’s book to teach powerful principles that inspire and empower children, youth, and adult alike to create Heaven on Earth – first in the heart and then in the home.

By empowering the children in her stewardship, Monica Iglesias has been able to release the “burden” of parenting and find Joy in it. Here are her words:

“As a parent, I thought I had to sacrifice everything for my children, apparently even my sanity. I felt that their happiness and success in life depended solely on me as their mother. That was a heavy burden to carry alone. I got burnt out a lot until I realized that I didn’t have to do it all myself.

I learned how to empower the children in my stewardship to be conscious creators of happiness, peace, love, courage, joy and so much more, through a series of quality questions much like the ones highlighted in this book. I learned that their answers were inside of them all along. I didn’t have to tell them what to do or how to be, I just needed to know how to guide them.

Empowering them has changed my life and released a heavy burden. Today, we co-create the life we choose to experience TOGETHER. I am so grateful for the powerful little creators in my life. They have taught me so much of what is possible for me in my own life and have inspired countless others.” — Monica Iglesias

A Note from André (the main character and subject of the book):
“Unlocking PEACE within my heart feels like a Super Power! I can go in and out anytime I choose. Anytime I feel stressed or need a quiet space to think or do homework, I can go into that space and get focused and clear on what I need to do.

I’ve had opportunities to create Peace at home, at school, or wherever I go. When I create PEACE in my home, it makes Mom and Dad happier and they are more likely to say “yes” to things -That’s a bonus! But Creating Peace benefits everyone around.

Help me create more peace in the world by discovering what it feels like in your
own heart.”
— André

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Toulouse’s Tale: A Cat’s True Story Author Cheryl Johnson

Toulouse TaleToulouse was a lost and forgotten cat out in the world when he was brought to an animal refuge. He was given a quick test there for feline leukemia and it came up positive so he was sent to Ralphie’s Retreat. It was his first big break that he was tested negative the second time. It was hard to find a forever home for this kitty survivor but in the end, his life has been more wonderful than he dreamed it could be. This is his story.

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