Toulouse’s Tale: A Cat’s True Story Author Cheryl Johnson

Toulouse TaleToulouse was a lost and forgotten cat out in the world when he was brought to an animal refuge. He was given a quick test there for feline leukemia and it came up positive so he was sent to Ralphie’s Retreat. It was his first big break that he was tested negative the second time. It was hard to find a forever home for this kitty survivor but in the end, his life has been more wonderful than he dreamed it could be. This is his story.

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Toulouse Loose in Paris Author Marie Cargill

Toulouse Loose in ParisToulouse the cat is a world traveler. He hops on a jet to explore his ancestors’ birthplace in France and finds out that art is his new interest. He discovers that the beautiful city of Paris is full of surprises, and his life moves in a new direction.

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Twig’s Moon Author Dana Roffler

Twigs MoonTwig’s Moon is a tender story of loss, celebrating the love between humans and their furry best friends. It’s told in poetic verses, with masterfully drawn illustrations, weaving its spiritual appeal.

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Firefly Ball Author Dana Roffler

Firefly BallThe Firefly Ball is a great story of a magical summer night the starts with an invitation from the fireflies. A great story for children and adults.

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