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Kids4Love_image003It’s a Project, a Mission and a Radio Show! How can we cultivate a kinder world? By teaching unconditional Love to humanity, that’s how! It’s Deborah Beauvais’ mission and life purpose to facilitate a radiance of love in every soul. Kids 4 Love Project Radio Show is all about showcasing kids that are making a difference, some as young as 6 yrs.old with non-profits, serving other kids who are ill or in need. Each show spotlights a child Co-Host who joins Deborah. Extra Extra! You will hear ‘news’ from kids around the country and beyond! Later in each show a practitioner joins us who works with children. Let’s learn from these conscious kids how serving others can heal our own lives.Through the wisdom of these compassionate children, kids and adults alike will be enlightened to do the same. KIDS 4 LOVE Project Radio Show—empowering kids that are helping others!

The Kids 4 Love Project is facilitated at Fallon Elementary School in Pawtucket R.I. After School COZ Program

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We invite Teachers and Parents to contact us to share about Kids who are making a difference in school or elsewhere. Teachers tell us about new school programs that are bringing kids together in harmony. Kids! let us know what you’re doing to help others. Tell us your giving story! Call 508-226-1723

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Broadcasts Weekly Wednesday 4am & 4pmET

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Snowball’s Great Adventure, Author Melissa Robillard

Deborah Beauvais Welcomes Janine Sullivan who shares Melissa’s journey through the creation of children’s book Snowball’s Great Adventure.  With a rare neurological disease called leukodystrophy, Melissa is an inspiration to all kids and adults.

Hello, my name is Melissa Robillard.  I am the author of Snowball’s Great Adventure, a children’s book about a white lion from Timbavati South Africa. Snowball was conceived while I was working with my speech therapist Kari Star.  Kari is an exceptional therapist in Dartmouth, MA.

I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease called leukodystrophy when I was a young child.  I have never let this neurological condition stop me from living life.

While in speech therapy Kari and I were looking for new ways to stimulate my memory and language skills. We worked with the computer, talked about animals, and soon we had a story building.

My personal care attendant Janine Cove Queen Sullivan was with me during these sessions.  One day she exclaimed with great zest – if we are going to work so hard on this story we might as well publish the work as a children’s book.  It was a fabulous idea and one I embraced whole heartedly. It is important to do new things to exercise the mind. It took one year from beginning to end.  There is a lot involved in writing a book.  Janine worked with me several times a week to pull a great story out of me.  It was a stretch to define characters and create identities.  I loved every minute of it. So many people came forward to help.  My mom worked hard with technical matters. She has always been the wind beneath my wings and my greatest cheerleader.

I am thrilled for many reasons.  One, the work of this book brought many people together.  That is what life is all about. We really do need one another.   So many people helped this dream of mine come to life.  You see, when I was in the second grade, I wanted to be an elementary grade teacher. That dream was not possible for me. One day in the early stages of writing the book, Janine said to me, “Melissa, what is the tool teachers use most?” I said books. Then she said, “what do many children use to learn?”  I said books.  Janine went on to say, “you are writing a book that children all over the world will enjoy. That makes you a teacher.” I smiled from ear to ear.  Janine has a way of making dreams come true.


Co-Host Kids4Love_image003 Syndicated broadcasts every Wednesday at 4pm/4am EST

BIO: Kids 4 Love Project is an enlightening Radio Show for all ages yet it also includes an Enrichment Program to teach unconditional love to elementary children from six to twelve.

Logo created by Adrienne Iafrate~ Age 11

Imagine schools with a focus not only on the mind, but the body and spirit of every child, making practice the cultivation of the pure love that resides in us all. The Kids 4 Love Project is a journey into self-discovery. It consists of fun creative tools to learn self-love, energy medicine utilizing Reconnective Healing™, a bit of meditation, tuning into intuition, how to utilize one’s IG {Inner Guidance} plus connecting to our natural surroundings. The vision is to have the Kids 4 Love Project in school systems worldwide.

Deborah received a full download of information as to how to facilitate the mission when she asked the Higher Intelligence how to end violence and hateful behavior. It was made clear to start with the children.

Even with the many families creating a kind loving environment at home, kids still have a tendency to grow up feeling undervalued. Our society has created many to feel separated when in fact there is no separation from each other, nature or Higher Intelligence. We are all One Life Force. Not asking ourselves questions like what is true for us, we have taken on belief systems of former generations and carried them to present. We ourselves need to learn a kinder way of living as children learn from what they see.

The human soul is pure love, and by awakening our minds to the magnificence of who we are, we become conscious of our Higher purpose-Love- and serving others.

The children are ultimately our teachers in creating a pathway to a society based in unconditional love and conscious living.

Deborah Beauvais is the Founder/Owner Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network as well as Empowered Connections both created out of love with a vision to consciously serve humanity. Through Empowered Connections Deborah mentors souls to go within to identify their own individual Light, to find unconditional love for self and others.  She is an intuitive, healer and facilitator of Light as a Reconnective Healing™ and The Reconnection™ Practitioner trained by Dr. Eric Pearl. Deborah is founder of Kids 4 Love Project, and Kids 4 Love Project Radio Show~ celebrating children making a difference, inspiring others to follow their lead.  Hosting her syndicated radio show Love By Intuition since 2004, Deborah feels the time is now for humanity to focus on compassion and healing the Planet.

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