Marc Allen: The Magical Path

01-30-17    Marc Allen: The Magical Path

The magical, the mystical, the spiritual — all are interlinked. Magical practice connects with spiritual power; the results can be startling, and can happen quickly — that’s why it’s called a short path. The process is a mystical one that we can never fully understand. It will always remain a mystery. Repeat this mantra — these words of power — again: Form is emptiness; emptiness is form. The emptiness and form of our bodies are completely connected with everything else in the universe. We are all one, now and forever.

Marc Allen, author of The Magical Path, is an internationally renowned seminar leader, entrepreneur, author, and composer. He co-founded New World Library (with Shakti Gawain) in 1977 and has guided the company, as president and publisher, from a small start-up to its current position as a major player in the independent publishing world.

The Technology of Sound: Ted Winslow

01-23-17    The Technology of Sound: Ted Winslow

Sound Sync Technologies™ is a Scientifically proven sound healing technology developed by Ted Winslow. Ted invented this specialized sound healing music after 25 years of research and development of healing Solfeggio Frequencies, Binaural Beats, Theta Brainwave Technology, layering of frequencies, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, and spherical sound waves which are composed and mastered in a unique way which have a positive affect on the human energy field. Through his unique style he has developed a form of sound healing that layers his compositions to maximize the healing affect that replicates the brain’s natural process while simultaneously providing a more powerful healing response. Ted Winslow is a best-selling recording artist, producer, and composer, and will be releasing his 13th album in January 2017.

Ted has over 25 years experience in the music business, holding a BS in Music & Audio Engineering from the University of Colorado. In addition to his musical background, Ted runs Big Country Productions, a division of Big Country Publishing located in Colorado. He works with organizations and clients from around the world, where he produces commercials, writes music, produces videos, builds custom Internet TV stations, records & produces audio books.

Ted is also involved in extensive sound healing research through Electrophotonic Imaging Testing, where he works with the affects of sound on the Human Energy Field which has validated his trademarked sound healing technology—SOUNDSYNCTECH™

Igniting Greatness: Howard Glasser

01-16-17    Igniting Greatness: Howard Glasser

Over the years, Howard Glasser noticed that applying the principles and practices of the Nurtured Heart Approach to himself, a mode he knew to be most effective at bringing forth a child’s greatness, had a surprising and powerful impact. Although he always considered himself a highly positive person, Howard had a realization that under pressure and under the stresses and gravity of life, he was actually self-critical and negative thinking. The Nurtured Heart Approach evolved into a personal practice that shifted him from random forms of negativity to an expansive focus on seeing and growing greatness, both within himself and through all his relationships. He found himself drawn powerfully into self-talk that went beyond any standard version of positivity. He found this to be transformative and life changing. From this, he developed a greatness practice that could be taught to others.

Howard Glasser, creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach, is a psychotherapist, author, and Chairman of the Board of the Children’s Success Foundation. He has authored multiple books about the approach, including Transforming the Difficult Child, which remains a top seller in the ADHD category more than a decade after its initial publication. Other titles include Notching Up the Nurtured Heart Approach: the New Inner Wealth Initiative (a leading book on school interventions) and All Children Flourishing (about using the NHA with all children, difficult or not. His most recent book is Igniting Greatness.

Eliminating Mental Suffering: Dr. Jeffrey Fidel

01-02-17   Eliminating Mental Suffering: Dr. Jeffrey Fidel

Jeffrey R. Fidel, MD refuses to live his life medicated for Bipolar I disorder. In near complete solitude, he endured nearly a full year of intense mental anguish. Utilizing mainly the ancient teachings of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, he learned how to connect to a voice originating from his heart. The “voice within” teaches him that our true identity is “beyond thought” and that we and the universe are I-One-

Jeffrey R. Fidel graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. He earned his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. Dr. Fidel is a board certified-MRI fellowship trained diagnostic radiologist who completed both his residency and fellowship training at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida.