Encore: Sacred Activism – Andrew Harvey

07-10-17  Encore: Sacred Activism – Andrew Harvey

THE HOPE is a long-awaited compelling guide that helps people respond to current global challenges yet also serves as a much needed wake-up call to inspire action through Sacred Activism-the transforming force of wisdom, love and compassion-in-action to affect radical change in the world.

Andrew Harvey is an internationally acclaimed poet, novelist, translator, mystical scholar, and spiritual teacher. Harvey has published over 20 books including Son of Man and The Return of the Mother. Harvey is a Fellow of All Souls College Oxford from and has taught at Oxford University, Cornell University, The California Institute of Integral Studies, and the University of Creation Spirituality, as well as, various spiritual centers throughout the United States. He was the subject of the 1993 BBC film documentary The Making of a Modern Mystic and Founder of the Institute for Sacred Activism in Oak Park, Illinois. www.andrewharvey.net

Encore: Maureen McCarthy: State of Grace

07-03-17  Encore: Maureen McCarthy: State of Grace

There is a new way to build, sustain and transition relationships with honor and grace and it is called the State of Grace Document. It takes into consideration each individual involved in the relationship, their personal preferences, their expectations as well as the nature of the relationship, be it between colleagues, employee and manager, partners, husband and wife, landlord and tenant, client and supplier, or any other relationship situation.

Maureen K. McCarthy is an international management consultant, senior executive coach, keynote speaker, and author of the The State of Grace Document. Maureen’s focus is on engaging the soul at work, which ultimately results in increased profits and performance.

Encore: Michael Bernard Beckwith: Spiritual Liberation

06-26-17  Encore: Michael Bernard Beckwith: Spiritual Liberation

As co-founder and president of the Association for Global New Thought, Beckwith stands at the forefront with other visionaries in the fields spirituality, education, sociology, economics, science, international futurists—those who dare to call an end to human suffering. In 1986 Dr. Beckwith founded the Agape International Spiritual Center and life is a living testament to building community.

Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational spiritual community known for its rich cultural diversity, local and global humanitarian programs, and promotion of the arts. Author of the award-winning book, Spiritual Liberation, and featured in the best-selling book and film, The Secret, he has appeared on the Oprah Show and Larry King Live, and has taught alongside international leaders of the world’s spiritual traditions. AgapeLive.com

Encore: Iyanla Vanzant – Peace From Broken Pieces

06-19-17 Encore: Iyanla Vanzant – Peace From Broken Pieces

Peace From Broken Pieces is a story about how a New York Times best-selling author ends up flat broke, looking for a place to live, how a 37-year relationship ends in divorce by e-mail, and how an internationally recognized spiritual teacher ends up on the edge of the bed in a million-dollar home slated for foreclosure, contemplating suicide. Learn about the power of friends, faith, and prayer. Discover why everything you need to learn is reflected in your relationships. Gain a new understanding of the patterns and pathologies that families unconsciously pass down through the generations—– until someone finally breaks through. Put your personal puzzle together, and dare to claim the peace that you truly deserve.

Rev. Dr. Iyanla (pronounced E¯-Yan-La) Vanzant’s story reads like an epic adventure filled with near misses, struggle, strength, courage and triumph! From her life’s experiences she has uncovered her life’s purpose, discovered the power that lies within and recovered her spiritual self and has emerged as a living testament to God’s Prevailing Peace, Power and Presence. www.innervisionsworldwide.com