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03-05-21 Knowledge & Inspiration from a Heavenly Spiritual Guidance Practitioner! 

Also, Intuitive Psychic Medium,  Donna Marie Crawford will join them to discuss how you can develop your own way to receive Guidance and Connection to Spirit helping you navigate through life never feeling alone again.

Donna Offers Guidance and Connection to Spirit. She works with people who are seeking a connection with their loved ones in spirit and those who wish to receive guidance and confirmation that their life choices are leading them in the direction of happiness and fulfillment. By sharing her ability to connect with spirit and deliver messages, her clients receive reassurance and validation that their family and friends in spirit are at peace and still guiding and supporting them in all they do. Clients also receive answers to questions they have about their lives that they seek guidance from spirit about. There are two main things that make her services different from other psychic mediums.

The first is that she only works in the light, and she asks for messages of only the best and highest good. Because of this her clients receive the guidance and confirmation from spirit they are seeking, delivered with compassion and empathy. The second is that she offers a variety of different types of readings. In addition to the popular in person psychic reading, She also offers phone and email psychic readings, which allows me to serve people from all over the world.

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